• Research and Development at FSUS builds on the research and service components of our mission and the belief that "collaborative research and reasoned inquiry enables us to advance knowledge and contribute to best practices in education." Our long-term objective focuses on the triad of curriculum development, research of learners and learning systems, and teacher professional development (including teacher education) in an environment of collaborative partnerships with FSU and other stakeholders while addressing challenges to education in the State of Florida and the nation.

    Specifically, current research and development at FSUS is exemplified by the following goals:

    1. FSUS provides research opportunities and fosters collaborative research partnerships with the purpose of advancing educational, psychological, and health science.
    2. FSUS faculty and staff are teacher-scientists who use scientific inquiry to generate evidence-based knowledge for the benefit of student learning and teacher professional growth.
    3. FSUS develops and implements innovative curriculum plans, teaching activities, technology, and student management strategies that are aimed at increasing student achievement and produce results with scientific merit.
    4. FSUS is committed to teacher preparation and engages in collaborative partnerships with teacher education programs to provide novice and advanced students in education with examples of model teaching, field experiences, internships, advising and mentoring.
    5. FSUS administration and faculty pursue grant writing to secure funding that supports teaching, research and service.

    Please contact Suzanne Wilkinson, Ed.S., Director of Research and Teacher Education at swilkinson@admin.fsu.edu