• FSUS Overview

    Florida State University School

    FSUS is located in beautiful Southwood, in the southeast part of Tallahassee. It is a K-12 charter school sponsored by Florida State University. It provides research and development opportunities for educators as well as providing a laboratory for teacher education. It has approximately 1700 students that represent a population typical of other school sites in Florida. It has strong programs in the academics as well as award-winning arts and athletic programs.

    FSUS Core Beliefs

        Students learn and make good decisions when they are engaged in the learning process and have appropriate opportunities for success.
        A safe and caring environment promotes student learning.
        A student's self esteem is enhanced by fostering mutual respect and collegiality among and between students and staff.
        Team work and communication are essential elements of a successful school system.
        Collaborative research and reasoned inquiry enables us to advance knowledge and contribute to best practices in education.
        The educational experience will enable students to be successful in life's pursuits.
        Each student is a valued individual with unique academic, social, creative, physical, and emotional needs.

    In collaboration with the College of Education at Florida State University, the mission of Florida State University Schools is to advance Florida's K-12 education through exemplary teaching,research, and service.

    Instruction that MOVES
                       Leaders who INSPIRE
                                      Research that MAKES A DIFFERENCE In the 21st Century     

    1857 - Founded as the Primary Department of The Florida Institute.
    1919 - Dubbed "The Model School"
    1922 - High School grades added
    1924 - Becomes "The Demonstration School"
    1927 - Accredited by the State Department of Education; christened "Florida High"
    1955 - School moves to a location on the Corner of Call Street and Stadium Drive
    2001 - FSUS moves to new school site at Southwood
    2002-2015 - State-rated school grade of "A"

    Pictures Over Time

    1919 "The Model School"

    1919 The Model School

    1927 Florida High "The Demonstration School"

    The Demonstration School

    1955 newly constructed Florida High

     1955 New Florida High

    2001 The new Florida State University School

    2001 New FSUS

    University Collaborations

        Four University/Community Colleges used FSUS for research, observations, etc., consisting of: FSU, TCC, FAMU, Flagler, with visits by educational           leaders from Indonesia Universities
        13 different FSU Schools/Colleges used FSUS for research, observations, etc.
        One State agency was served by FSUS
        FSU collaboration for implementation of the English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program (K-12)
        Over 7000 hours logged by researchers and field participants for observations/Interviews/Field Experience and Practicum
        20 Research projects involving more than 2000 student contacts occurred at FSUS

    • FSUS averages 15 Intern placements from FSU and Flagler

    • Collaborated hosted and present the 2012 International Association of Laboratory and Charter Schools Conference

    • FSUS Faculty members conducted Smartboard workshops for FSU students and faculty

    • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation collaboration between FSU and FSUS faculty
    Student Demographics

      50.2% Female
      49.8% Male

      50.09% White
      29.25% African-American
      12.14% Hispanic
      3.14% Asian
      0.18% Native American Indian
      5.21% Multicultural

    Free and Reduced Lunch
      Elementary 24.1%
      Middle 20.9%
      High 10.9%